Peer groups are one of the most consistently praised aspects of PCPA membership. Individuals from the members’ houses who have like responsibilities meet during the Spring Conference for idea sharing and discussion. Peer groups may meet at other times as well, and may also have a newsletter.

The peer groups now active in PCPA, and a brief description of their focus, are as follows:

  • Book Editorial Development: discusses and engages all product development and processes and concerns for both digital and print products from acquisition to pre-press production.
  • Church / Direct Marketing: reviews and discusses successful marketing strategies and tactics, customer acquisition and engagement, product research, and publishing trends.
  • Curriculum: discusses a range of topics related to developing teaching and learning resources for children, youth, and adults, including changes in editorial processes; implications of digital publishing; improvements in editing and design processes; choices regarding publishing in print, digital or both; and necessary skill sets as publishing changes.
  • Finance: discusses best practices, measurements, and challenges dealing with the accounting, finance, and other quantitive duties on behalf of undergirding our Publishing Houses' visions.
  • Heads of House: meets during the spring conference and in the Fall to candidly share common challenges and solutions from the perspective of the leader of a denominational publishing house.
  • Design: discusses current topics in the production and design process, including the changes resulting from the move toward digital publishing.
  • Digital: looks for ways to leverage the technology of tomorrow to solve the publishing and business problems of today.
  • Sales/Customer Service: covers sales trends, successful sales and marketing strategies, sales channels, and current best selling products.
  • Rights: This peer group will focus on the importance of licensing your rights for stewardship, ministry and revenue opportunities. It will also discuss fundamental components on the responsibilities and processes necessary to properly facilitate a successful rights program.
  • Hymnal: discusses a variety of topics ranging from initial research, to planning, to development to song selection, to production.