About Us

In 1951, PCPA was incorporated with the intent to be devoted to the welfare of the official Church-owned publishing houses in fulfilling their functions as church service agencies.

In the years since that time PCPA has carried out a variety of activities designed to help achieve its mission which is to:

Enable its members to serve their denominations by providing visionary leadership through the ministry of Christian publishing.

PCPA currently has 35 publishing house members and an additional 8 Adjunct members who are service providers for our members.

The member services that are carried out include the following:

  • A Spring conference for publishing house staff every year
  • A meeting of the heads of houses in the fall of each year.
  • A listserve for the Heads of House peer group

Other occasional services include the following:

  • Benchmark studies
  • Research projects

Members consistently say the primary benefit of membership in PCPA is the networking that takes place with peers in other publishing houses during and between PCPA meetings.

PCPA is fiscally supported by dues from the member houses based upon annual sales, by registration fees for the PCPA Annual Spring Conference and by fees from the Adjunct members.

PCPA encourages all Christian denominational publishers to consider membership, and all employees of its members to become involved.  The opportunity to learn from and with others in similar publishing enterprises is of immeasurable value.

Interested in joining PCPA? Visit our Membership page for more details. See list of current members.

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